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Vibration platform training in women at risk for symptomatic knee osteoarthritis.

ABSTRACT: To determine whether a platform exercise program with vibration is more effective than platform exercise alone for improving lower limb muscle strength and power in women ages 45 to 60 with risk factors for knee osteoarthritis (OA).Randomized, controlled study.Academic center.A total of 48 women ages 45-60 years with risk factors for knee OA (a history of knee injury or surgery or body mass index ?25 kg/m(2)).Subjects were randomly assigned to a twice-weekly lower limb exercise program (quarter squat, posterolateral leg lifts, calf raises, step-ups, and lunges) on either a vertically vibrating platform (35 Hz, 2 mm) or a nonvibrating platform.Change in isokinetic quadriceps strength, leg press power, and stair climb power by 12 weeks.A total of 39 of 48 enrolled participants completed the study (26 vibration and 13 control exercise). Nine participants discontinued the study after randomization mainly because of a lack of time. No intergroup differences in age, body mass index, or activity level existed. Isokinetic knee extensor strength did not significantly improve in either group. Leg press power improved by 92.0 ± 69.7 W in the vibration group (P < .0001) and 58.2 ± 96.2 W in the control group (P = .0499) but did not differ between groups (P = .2262). Stair climb power improved by 53.4 ± 64.7 W in the vibration group (P = .0004) and 55.7 ± 83.3 W in the control group (P = .0329) but did not differ between groups (P = .9272).Whole body vibration platforms have been marketed for increasing strength and power. In this group of asymptomatic middle-aged women with risk factors for knee OA, the addition of vibration to a 12-week exercise program did not result in significantly greater improvement in lower limb strength or power than did participation in the exercise program without vibration.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC3838794 | BioStudies | 2013-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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