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Glioma virus therapies between bench and bedside.

ABSTRACT: Despite extensive research, current glioma therapies are still unsatisfactory, and novel approaches are pressingly needed. In recent years, both nonreplicative viral vectors and replicating oncolytic viruses have been developed for brain cancer treatment, and the mechanistic background of their cytotoxicity has been unveiled. A growing number of clinical trials have convincingly established viral therapies to be safe in glioma patients, and maximum tolerated doses have generally not been reached. However, evidence for therapeutic benefit has been limited: new generations of therapeutic vectors need to be developed in order to target not only tumor cells but also the complex surrounding microenvironment. Such therapies could also direct long-lasting immune responses toward the tumor while reducing early antiviral reactions. Furthermore, viral delivery methods are to be improved and viral spread within the tumor will have to be enhanced. Here, we will review the outcome of completed glioma virus therapy trials as well as highlight the ongoing clinical activities. On this basis, we will give an overview of the numerous strategies to enhance therapeutic efficacy of new-generation viruses and novel treatment regimens. Finally, we will conclude with approaches that may be crucial to the development of successful glioma therapies in the future.

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