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Synthesis and functionalization of cyclic sulfonimidamides: a novel chiral heterocyclic carboxylic Acid bioisostere.

ABSTRACT: An efficient synthesis of aryl substituted cyclic sulfonimidamides designed as chiral nonplanar heterocyclic carboxylic acid bioisosteres is described. The cyclic sulfonimidamide ring system could be prepared in two steps from a trifluoroacetyl protected sulfinamide and methyl ester protected amino acids. By varying the amino acid, a range of different C-3 substituted sulfonimidamides could be prepared. The compounds could be further derivatized in the aryl ring using standard cross-coupling reactions to yield highly substituted cyclic sulfonimidamides in excellent yields. The physicochemical properties of the final compounds were examined and compared to those of the corresponding carboxylic acid and tetrazole derivatives. The unique nonplanar shape in combination with the relatively strong acidity (pK a 5-6) and the ease of modifying the chemical structure to fine-tune the physicochemical properties suggest that this heterocycle can be a valuable addition to the range of available carboxylic acid isosteres.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC4025735 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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