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Significance of interleukin-13 receptor alpha 2-targeted glioblastoma therapy.

ABSTRACT: Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) remains one of the most lethal primary brain tumors despite surgical and therapeutic advancements. Targeted therapies of neoplastic diseases, including GBM, have received a great deal of interest in recent years. A highly studied target of GBM is interleukin-13 receptor ? chain variant 2 (IL13R?2). Targeted therapies against IL13R?2 in GBM include fusion chimera proteins of IL-13 and bacterial toxins, nanoparticles, and oncolytic viruses. In addition, immunotherapies have been developed using monoclonal antibodies and cell-based strategies such as IL13R?2-pulsed dendritic cells and IL13R?2-targeted chimeric antigen receptor-modified T cells. Advanced therapeutic development has led to the completion of phase I clinical trials for chimeric antigen receptor-modified T cells and phase III clinical trials for IL-13-conjugated bacterial toxin, with promising outcomes. Selective expression of IL13R?2 on tumor cells, while absent in the surrounding normal brain tissue, has motivated continued study of IL13R?2 as an important candidate for targeted glioma therapy. Here, we review the preclinical and clinical studies targeting IL13R?2 in GBM and discuss new advances and promising applications.

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