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Infection with human rhinovirus 16 promotes enhanced IgE responsiveness in basophils of atopic asthmatics.

ABSTRACT: Rhinovirus and IgE act in concert to promote asthma exacerbations. While basophils are the principal cell type in the blood that is activated by IgE, their role in virus-induced asthma episodes remains elusive.To monitor IgE responsiveness in circulating basophils of rhinovirus-infected atopic asthmatics during acute infection and convalescence.The capacity for basophils to respond to IgE was assessed by testing the effects of allergen, or cross-linking anti-Fc?RI and anti-IgE antibodies, on surface TSLP receptor in 24-hour PBMC cultures. Activation profiles of basophils from atopic asthmatics challenged intranasally with human rhinovirus 16 were monitored directly ex vivo or else in 24-hour cultures, at baseline (day 0), and then at days 4 and 21 post-challenge.Basophils in atopic asthmatics, but not in non-atopic controls, upregulated TSLP receptor upon IgE receptor ligation. The magnitude of this response was correlated with the proportion of serum total IgE that was allergen-specific (r = 0.615, P < 0.05). Following rhinovirus infection, all subjects developed nasal symptoms that peaked 3-5 days after viral challenge. Basophils displayed maximal IgE responsiveness 3 weeks post-challenge as judged by TSLP receptor levels in 24-hour cultures. No significant change in total IgE or specific IgE antibodies was detected during rhinovirus infection. By contrast, levels of IgE receptor-associated spleen tyrosine kinase, Syk, were increased on day 4 (P < 0.05), and elevated levels were also detected three weeks post-challenge.Circulating basophils display increased IgE responsiveness 3 weeks after rhinovirus infection in atopic asthmatics. This observation, coupled with increased expression of Syk, implicates basophils in promoting, or else prolonging, rhinovirus-induced inflammation in atopic asthmatics.

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