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Newborn Infection Control and Care Initiative for health facilities to accelerate reduction of newborn mortality (NICCI): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.

ABSTRACT: Newborn health is a key issue in addressing the survival of children under five years old, particularly in low and middle income countries, and the evidence base for newborn health interventions continues to evolve. Over the last decade, maternal and under five-year-old mortality and morbidity rates have been successfully reduced in Cambodia, but newborn health has lagged behind. Evidence suggests that an important proportion of newborn mortality both globally and in Cambodia is attributable to infections and sepsis. While initiatives are being implemented to address some causes of newborn illness (related to pre-term birth and asphyxia), a country-level approach to reducing infections has not been formulated. The Newborn Infection Control and Care Initiative (NICCI) is a community and health facility linked intervention to improve health outcomes for newborns.The present study applies a cluster randomized trial, using a stepped wedge design, to assess the impact of a package intervention on newborn health. The intervention components include addressing infection control in the perinatal period in health facilities, promoting infection prevention and control practices in health center and home environments, and improving the timeliness of referrals for newborns with suspected infections to appropriate health facilities, by linking families to the medical system through a network of community based volunteers who will make home visits to families in the first week of a newborn's life.The NICCI trial is designed to complement and enhance the Cambodian Ministry of Health strategies and objectives for maternal and newborn care. Results of the study will help to inform policy and the possible scale-up of newborn health interventions in the country.This trial was registered with Clinicaltrials.gov (identifier: NCT02271737) on 5 October 2014.

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