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Crystal Structure of Human Profilaggrin S100 Domain and Identification of Target Proteins Annexin II, Stratifin, and HSP27.

ABSTRACT: The fused-type S100 protein profilaggrin and its proteolytic products including filaggrin are important in the formation of a normal epidermal barrier; however, the specific function of the S100 calcium-binding domain in profilaggrin biology is poorly understood. To explore its molecular function, we determined a 2.2?Å-resolution crystal structure of the N-terminal fused-type S100 domain of human profilaggrin with bound calcium ions. The profilaggrin S100 domain formed a stable dimer, which contained two hydrophobic pockets that provide a molecular interface for protein interactions. Biochemical and molecular approaches demonstrated that three proteins, annexin II/p36, stratifin/14-3-3 sigma, and heat shock protein 27, bind to the N-terminal domain of human profilaggrin; one protein (stratifin) co-localized with profilaggrin in the differentiating granular cell layer of human skin. Together, these findings suggest a model where the profilaggrin N-terminus uses calcium-dependent and calcium-independent protein-protein interactions to regulate its involvement in keratinocyte terminal differentiation and incorporation into the cornified cell envelope.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC4466033 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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