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Highly sensitive and specific novel biomarkers for the diagnosis of transitional bladder carcinoma.

ABSTRACT: Transitional bladder carcinoma (BCa) is prevalent in developed countries, particularly among men. Given that these tumors frequently recur or progress, the early detection and subsequent monitoring of BCa at different stages is critical. Current BCa diagnostic biomarkers are not sufficiently sensitive for substituting or complementing invasive cystoscopy. Here, we sought to identify a robust set of urine biomarkers for BCa detection. Using a high-resolution, mass spectrometry-based, quantitative proteomics approach, we measured, compared and validated protein variations in 451 voided urine samples from healthy subjects, non-bladder cancer patients and patients with non-invasive and invasive BCa. We identified five robust biomarkers: Coronin-1A, Apolipoprotein A4, Semenogelin-2, Gamma synuclein and DJ-1/PARK7. In diagnosing Ta/T1 BCa, these biomarkers achieved an AUC of 0.92 and 0.98, respectively, using ELISA and western blot data (sensitivity, 79.2% and 93.9%; specificity, 100% and 96.7%, respectively). In diagnosing T2/T3 BCa, an AUC of 0.94 and 1.0 was attained (sensitivity, 86.4% and 100%; specificity, 100%) using the same methods. Thus, our multiplex biomarker panel offers unprecedented accuracy for the diagnosis of BCa patients and provides the prospect for a non-invasive way to detect bladder cancer.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC4537032 | BioStudies |

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