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Rab43 regulates the sorting of a subset of membrane protein cargo through the medial Golgi.

ABSTRACT: To evaluate the role of cytoplasmic domains of membrane-spanning proteins in directing trafficking through the secretory pathway, we generated fluorescently tagged VSV G tsO45 with either the native G tail (G) or a cytoplasmic tail derived from the chicken AE1-4 anion exchanger (G(AE)). We previously showed that these two proteins progressed through the Golgi with distinct kinetics. To investigate the basis for the differential sorting of G and G(AE), we analyzed the role of several Golgi-associated small GTP-binding proteins and found that Rab43 differentially regulated their transport through the Golgi. We show that the expression of GFP-Rab43 arrested the anterograde transport of G(AE) in a Rab43-positive medial Golgi compartment. GFP-Rab43 expression also inhibited the acquisition of endoH-resistant sugars and the surface delivery of G(AE), as well as the surface delivery of the AE1-4 anion exchanger. In contrast, GFP-Rab43 expression did not affect the glycosylation or surface delivery of G. Unexpectedly, down-regulation of endogenous Rab43 using small interfering RNA resulted in an increase in the accumulation of G(AE) on the cell surface while having minimal effect on the surface levels of G. Our data demonstrate that Rab43 regulates the sorting of a subset of membrane-spanning cargo as they progress through the medial Golgi.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC4884073 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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