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Transformation of Breast Reconstruction via Additive Biomanufacturing.

ABSTRACT: Adipose tissue engineering offers a promising alternative to current breast reconstruction options. However, the conventional approach of using a scaffold in combination with adipose-derived precursor cells poses several problems in terms of scalability and hence clinical feasibility. Following the body-as-a-bioreactor approach, this study proposes a unique concept of delayed fat injection into an additive biomanufactured and custom-made scaffold. Three study groups were evaluated: Empty scaffold, Scaffold containing 4?cm(3) lipoaspirate and Empty scaffold +2-week prevascularisation period. In group 3, of prevascularisation, 4?cm(3) of lipoaspirate was injected into scaffolds after 2 weeks. Using a well-characterised additive biomanufacturing technology platform, patient-specific scaffolds made of medical-grade-polycaprolactone were designed and fabricated. Scaffolds were implanted in subglandular pockets in immunocompetent minipigs (n?=?4) for 24-weeks. Angiogenesis and adipose tissue regeneration were observed in all constructs. Histological evaluation showed that the prevascularisation?+?lipoaspirate group had the highest relative area of adipose tissue (47.32%?±?4.12) which was significantly higher than both lipoaspirate-only (39.67%?±?2.04) and empty control group (8.31%?±?8.94) and similar to native breast tissue (44.97%?±?14.12). This large preclinical animal study provides proof-of-principle that the clinically applicable prevascularisation and delayed fat-injection techniques can be used for regeneration of large volumes of adipose tissue.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC4908382 | BioStudies | 2016-01-01T00:00:00Z

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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