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Correlations of Medial Joint Space Width on Fixed-Flexed Standing Computed Tomography and Radiographs With Cartilage and Meniscal Morphology on Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

ABSTRACT: To assess whether medial tibiofemoral joint space width (JSW) on 3-dimensional (3-D) standing computed tomography (SCT) correlates more closely with magnetic resonance imaging cartilage morphology (CM) and meniscal scores than does radiographic 2-D JSW.Participants in the Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study, who had standing fixed-flexion posteroanterior knee radiographs, were recruited. Medial tibiofemoral 3-D JSW on SCT and 2-D JSW on fixed-flexion radiographs were compared with medial tibiofemoral cartilage and meniscal morphology using the Whole-Organ Magnetic Resonance Imaging Score (WORMS). Associations between the area of the articular surface with 3-D JSW <2.5 mm on SCT, radiographic minimal 2-D JSW, and the WORMS-CM and meniscal scores were assessed using Spearman's rho.For the 19 participants included (33 knees), mean?±?SD age was 66.9?±?5.4 years, body mass index was 29.5?±?4.4 kg/m(2) , 42.1% of participants were female, and the Kellgren/Lawrence grades were 0 (21.2%), 1 (36.4%), 2 (18.2%), and 3 (24.2%). The articular surface area with 3-D JSW <2.5 mm on SCT correlated with WORMS-CM scores for the central medial tibia (rs ?=?0.84, P?

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