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A novel multicopper oxidase (laccase) from cyanobacteria: Purification, characterization with potential in the decolorization of anthraquinonic dye.

ABSTRACT: A novel extracellular laccase enzyme produced from Spirulina platensis CFTRI was purified by ultrafiltration, cold acetone precipitation, anion exchange and size exclusion chromatography with 51.5% recovery and 5.8 purification fold. The purified laccase was a monomeric protein with molecular mass of ~66 kDa that was confirmed by zymogram analysis and peptide mass fingerprinting. The optimum pH and temperature of the enzyme activity was found at 3.0 and 30°C using ABTS as substrate but the enzyme was quite stable at high temperature and alkaline pH. The laccase activity was enhanced by Cu+2, Zn+2 and Mn+2. In addition, the dye decolorization potential of purified laccase was much higher in terms of extent as well as time. The purified laccase decolorized (96%) of anthraquinonic dye Reactive blue- 4 within 4 h and its biodegradation studies was monitored by UV visible spectra, FTIR and HPLC which concluded that cyanobacterial laccase can be efficiently used to decolorize synthetic dye and help in waste water treatment.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC5383238 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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