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Health professionals' perspective on the promotion of e-mental health apps in the context of maternal depression.

ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE:Our study focuses on exploring (1) the intention of health professionals to use and recommend e-mental health applications, (2) how this intention of health professionals might be influenced, (3) which group of health professionals might be most accessible to promote e-mental health applications for maternal depression, and (4) for which tasks they rate them to be most useful. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Based on a questionnaire informed by the theory of planned behavior, we collected 131 responses of U.S., Spanish, and Swiss health professionals in the field of pregnancy and maternal care (including psychologists, psychiatrists, midwives, and doctors) by means of an online survey. We analyzed the gathered data applying a structured equation model. RESULTS:Our study reveals that health professionals would in general intend to recommend and use e-mental health applications. However, their attitude towards e-mental health applications varies regarding the respective use cases and also differs among health professions. CONCLUSION:We offer three alternative propositions for private or public organizations, associations, or any other entity whose purpose is service to the community for introducing e-mental health applications into practice.

SUBMITTER: Sprenger M 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC5507525 | BioStudies | 2017-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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