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Methylation profile of a satellite DNA constituting the intercalary G+C-rich heterochromatin of the cut trough shell Spisula subtruncata (Bivalvia, Mactridae).

ABSTRACT: Tandemly repeated DNAs usually constitute significant portions of eukaryotic genomes. In bivalves, however, repetitive DNAs are habitually not widespread. In our search for abundant repetitive DNAs in trough shells, we discovered a novel satellite DNA, SSUsat, which constitutes at least 1.3% of the genome of Spisula subtruncata. As foreseen by the satellite DNA library hypothesis, we confirmed that this satellite DNA is also present in two other Mactridae species, showing a highly conserved nucleotide sequence together with a dramatic diminution in the number of repeats. Predominantly located at the G + C-rich intercalary heterochromatin of S. subtruncata, SSUsat displays several DNA methylation peculiarities. The level of methylation of SSUsat is high (3.38%) in comparison with bivalve standards and triplicates the mean of the S. subtruncata genome (1.13%). Methylation affects not only the cytosines in CpG dinucleotides but also those in CHH and CHG trinucleotides, a feature common in plants but scarce and without any clear known relevance in animals. SSUsat segments enriched in methylated cytosines partly overlap those showing higher sequence conservation. The presence of a chromosome pair showing an accumulation of markedly under-methylated SSUsat monomers additionally indicates that the methylation processes that shape repetitive genome compartments are quite complex.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC5537241 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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