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Linkage mapping aided by de novo genome and transcriptome assembly in Portunus trituberculatus: applications in growth-related QTL and gene identification.

ABSTRACT: A high-resolution genetic linkage map is an essential tool for decoding genetics and genomics in non-model organisms. In this study, a linkage map was constructed for the swimming crab (Portunus trituberculatus) with 10,963 markers; as far as we know, this number of markers has never been achieved in any other crustacean. The linkage map covered 98.85% of the whole genome with a mean marker interval of 0.51?cM. The de novo assembly based on genome and transcriptome sequencing data enabled 2,378 explicit annotated markers to be anchored to the map. Quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping revealed 10 growth-related QTLs with a phenotypic variance explained (PVE) range of 12.0-35.9. Eight genes identified from the growth-related QTL regions, in particular, RE1-silencing transcription factor and RNA-directed DNA polymerase genes with nonsynonymous substitutions, were considered important growth-related candidate genes. We have demonstrated that linkage mapping aided by de novo assembly of genome and transcriptome sequencing could serve as an important platform for QTL mapping and the identification of trait-related genes.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC5554138 | BioStudies |

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