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Oral microbial profiles of individuals with different levels of sugar intake.

ABSTRACT: The aim was to compare the oral microbial profiles in young adults with an intake of free sugars above or below the current recommendations by the WHO for sugar consumption. Seventy subjects completed a Quantitative Food Frequency Questionnaire to establish the proportion of free sugars in relation to the total energy intake (% E). Subjects with <5% E (n = 30) formed the low-sugar group, while those with ?5% E (n = 40) were regarded as reference group. Saliva and plaque samples were analyzed by qPCR, and 52 of the plaque samples were assayed by HOMINGS. The HOMINGS analysis revealed a comparable core microbiota in plaque samples with Streptococcus, Leptotrichia, Actinobaculum, and Veillonella as predominant. No major differences between groups were revealed by ?-diversity testing (= 0.83), principal component analysis, or correspondence analysis. Higher relative abundance of Streptococcus sobrinus and Prevotella melaninogenica was observed in plaque samples in the reference group. By qPCR, Scardovia wiggsiae was associated with elevated sugar intake. The findings suggests that the amount of ingested sugars had a marginal influence on microbial profiles in dental plaque and saliva. However, some caries-associated species were less abundant in the dental plaque of the low sugar group.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC5560414 | BioStudies |

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