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Dataset Information


Membrane-type I matrix metalloproteinase-dependent ectodomain shedding of mucin16/ CA-125 on ovarian cancer cells modulates adhesion and invasion of peritoneal mesothelium.

ABSTRACT: Mucin16 [MUC16/cancer antigen 125 (CA-125)], a high-molecular-weight glycoprotein expressed on the ovarian tumor cell surface, potentiates metastasis via selective binding to mesothelin on peritoneal mesothelial cells. Shed MUC16/CA-125 is detectable in sera from ovarian cancer patients. We investigated the potential role of membrane type 1 matrix metalloproteinase (MT1-MMP, MMP-14), a transmembrane collagenase highly expressed in ovarian cancer cells, in MUC16/CA-125 ectodomain shedding. An inverse correlation between MT1-MMP and MUC16 immunoreactivity was observed in human ovarian tumors and cells. Further, when MUC16-expressing OVCA433 cells were engineered to overexpress MT1-MMP, surface expression of MUC16/CA-125 was lost, whereas cells expressing the inactive E240A mutant retained surface MUC16/CA-125. As a functional consequence, decreased adhesion of cells expressing catalytically active MT1-MMP to three-dimensional meso-mimetic cultures and intact ex vivo peritoneal tissue explants was observed. Nevertheless, meso-mimetic invasion is enhanced in MT1-MMP-expressing cells. Together, these data support a model wherein acquisition of catalytically active MT1-MMP expression in ovarian cancer cells induces MUC16/CA-125 ectodomain shedding, reducing adhesion to meso-mimetic cultures and to intact peritoneal explants. However, proteolytic clearing of MUC16/CA-125, catalyzed by MT1-MMP, may then expose integrins for high-affinity cell binding to peritoneal tissues, thereby anchoring metastatic lesions for subsequent proliferation within the collagen-rich sub-mesothelial matrix.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC5568695 | BioStudies | 2014-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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