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Sleep disturbance of adults with a brain tumor and their family caregivers: a systematic review.

ABSTRACT: The high incidence and psychophysiological morbidities of sleep disturbance in cancer have been increasingly recognized. Yet, more detailed understanding of sleep disturbance and options for management have been neglected areas in both clinical care and research. Brain tumor patients have been particularly overlooked. A systematic search of the literature from 1990 to 2015 was performed to review sleep disturbance in adults with primary or secondary brain tumor and their family caregivers. Fifty eligible studies were identified, of which 12 focused on sleep, 37 reported sleep items within a health-related quality of life measure and 1 reported caregivers' sleep. No sleep intervention has been developed or tested for brain tumor patients. Sleep disturbance and somnolence were frequently reported as the most severely rated symptoms within health-related quality of life across the disease course or treatments, along with fatigue. However, sleep-focused studies yielded inconsistent results in small samples of mostly benign brain tumors in long-term remission from total tumor resection. The research using standardized, multifaceted sleep assessments, particularly in patients with malignant brain tumor and caregivers who are undergoing treatment, is seriously lacking. A more systematic examination of sleep disturbance is warranted to inform the development of better symptom management programs in this population.

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