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An avian influenza H7 DNA priming vaccine is safe and immunogenic in a randomized phase I clinical trial.

ABSTRACT: A novel avian influenza subtype, A/H7N9, emerged in 2013 and represents a public health threat with pandemic potential. We have previously shown that DNA vaccine priming increases the magnitude and quality of antibody responses to H5N1 monovalent inactivated boost. We now report the safety and immunogenicity of a H7 DNA-H7N9 monovalent inactivated vaccine prime-boost regimen. In this Phase 1, open label, randomized clinical trial, we evaluated three H7N9 vaccination regimens in healthy adults, with a prime-boost interval of 16 weeks. Group 1 received H7 DNA vaccine prime and H7N9 monovalent inactivated vaccine boost. Group 2 received H7 DNA and H7N9 monovalent inactivated vaccine as a prime and H7N9 monovalent inactivated vaccine as a boost. Group 3 received H7N9 monovalent inactivated vaccine in a homologous prime-boost regimen. Overall, 30 individuals between 20 to 60 years old enrolled and 28 completed both vaccinations. All injections were well tolerated with no serious adverse events. 2 weeks post-boost, 50% of Group 1 and 33% of Group 2 achieved a HAI titer??1:40 compared with 11% of Group 3. Also, at least a fourfold increase in neutralizing antibody responses was seen in 90% of Group 1, 100% of Group 2, and 78% of Group 3 subjects. Peak neutralizing antibody geometric mean titers were significantly greater for Group 1 (GMT?=?440.61, p?

PROVIDER: S-EPMC5627236 | BioStudies |

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