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SlPIN1 regulates auxin efflux to affect flower abscission process.

ABSTRACT: Solanum lycopersicum PIN-FORMED1 (SlPIN1), a major auxin efflux facilitator, contributes to the establishment of auxin maxima during organ initiation and development in tomato. However, the functions of SlPIN1 during organ abscission remain unclear. In our study, SlPIN1 expression decreased immediately after flower removal and increased following IAA treatment, indicating a high sensitivity to auxin depletion. 1-MCP (an ethylene inhibitor) delayed abscission and down-regulated SlPIN1, indicating that ethylene may positively regulate SlPIN1 and that low expression levels of SlPIN1 may delay abscission. The SlPIN1 protein levels were not consistent with the expression pattern, implying that in addition to transcription, protein degradation also affects SlPIN1 levels during abscission. The phosphorylation of SlPIN1 at Ser418, which significantly declined during abscission, was found to play roles in SlPIN1 localization and auxin transport. We also identified the interaction proteins of SlPIN1, which were involved in phosphorylation and ubiquitylation. Therefore, complex mechanisms mediate SlPIN1 auxin transport capability during abscission. The silencing of SlPIN1 expression accelerated abscission by increasing auxin accumulation in the ovary and decreasing the auxin content in the abscission zone (AZ), indicating that SlPIN1 plays a major role in mediating auxin source-sink transport and the establishment and maintenance of auxin maxima in the AZ.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC5668252 | BioStudies |

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