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Complex observation of scalp fast (40-150 Hz) oscillations in West syndrome and related disorders with structural brain pathology.

ABSTRACT: We investigated the relationship between the scalp distribution of fast (40-150 Hz) oscillations (FOs) and epileptogenic lesions in West syndrome (WS) and related disorders. Subjects were 9 pediatric patients with surgically confirmed structural epileptogenic pathology (age at initial electroencephalogram [EEG] recording: mean 7.1 months, range 1-22 months). The diagnosis was WS in 7 patients, Ohtahara syndrome in 1, and a transitional state from Ohtahara syndrome to WS in the other. In the scalp EEG data of these patients, we conservatively detected FOs, and then examined the distribution of FOs. In five patients, the scalp distribution of FOs was consistent and concordant with the lateralization of cerebral pathology. In another patient, FOs were consistently dominant over the healthy cerebral hemisphere, and the EEG was relatively low in amplitude over the pathological atrophic hemisphere. In the remaining 3 patients, the dominance of FOs was inconsistent and, in 2 of these patients, the epileptogenic hemisphere was reduced in volume, which may result from atrophy or hypoplasia. The correspondence between the scalp distribution of FOs and the epileptogenic lesion should be studied, taking the type of lesion into account. The factors affecting scalp FOs remain to be elucidated.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC5719855 | BioStudies |

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