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Emergence of Resistance Mutations in Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhi Against Fluoroquinolones.

ABSTRACT: Background:Little is known about the evolutionary process and emergence time of resistance mutations to fluoroquinolone in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi. Methods:We analyzed S. Typhi isolates collected from returned travelers between 2001 and 2016. Based on ciprofloxacin susceptibility, isolates were categorized as highly resistant (minimum inhibitory concentration [MIC] ? 4 ?g/mL [CIPHR]), resistant (MIC = 1-2 ?g/mL [CIPR]), intermediate susceptible (MIC = 0.12-0.5 ?g/mL [CIPI]), and susceptible (MIC ? 0.06 ?g/mL [CIPS]). Results:A total of 107 isolates (33 CIPHR, 14 CIPR, 30 CIPI, and 30 CIPS) were analyzed by whole-genome sequencing; 2461 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were identified. CIPS had no mutations in the gyrA or parC genes, while each CIPI had 1 of 3 single mutations in gyrA (encoding Ser83Phe [63.3%], Ser83Tyr [33.3%], or Asp87Asn [3.3%]). CIPHR had the same 3 mutations: 2 SNPs in gyrA (encoding Ser83Phe and Asp87Asn) and a third in parC (encoding Ser80Ile). CIPHR shared a common ancestor with CIPR and CIPI isolates harboring a single mutation in gyrA encoding Ser83Phe, suggesting that CIPHR emerged 16 to 23 years ago. Conclusions:Three SNPs-2 in gyrA and 1 in parC-are present in S. Typhi strains highly resistant to fluoroquinolone, which were found to have evolved in 1993-2000, approximately 10 years after the beginning of the ciprofloxacin era. Highly resistant strains with survival advantages arose from strains harboring a single mutation in gyrA encoding Ser83Phe. Judicious use of fluoroquinolones is warranted to prevent acceleration of such resistance mechanisms in the future.

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