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Ferrofluid lubrication of circular squeeze film bearings controlled by variable magnetic field with rotations of the discs, porosity and slip velocity.

ABSTRACT: Based on the Shliomis ferrofluid flow model (SFFM) and continuity equation for the film as well as porous region, modified Reynolds equation for lubrication of circular squeeze film bearings is derived by considering the effects of oblique radially variable magnetic field (VMF), slip velocity at the film-porous interface and rotations of both the discs. The squeeze film bearings are made up of circular porous upper disc of different shapes (exponential, secant, mirror image of secant and parallel) and circular impermeable flat lower disc. The validity of Darcy's Law is assumed in the porous region. The SFFM is important because it includes the effects of rotations of the carrier liquid as well as magnetic particles. The VMF is used because of its advantage of generating maximum field at the required active contact area of the bearing design system. Also, the effect of porosity is included because of its advantageous property of self-lubrication. Using Reynolds equation, general form of pressure equation is derived and expression for dimensionless load-carrying capacity is obtained. Using this expression, results for different bearing design systems (due to different shapes of the upper disc) are computed and compared for variation of different parameters.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC5749983 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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