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Root-tip-mediated inhibition of hydrotropism is accompanied with the suppression of asymmetric expression of auxin-inducible genes in response to moisture gradients in cucumber roots.

ABSTRACT: In cucumber seedlings, gravitropism interferes with hydrotropism, which results in the nearly complete inhibition of hydrotropism under stationary conditions. However, hydrotropic responses are induced when the gravitropic response in the root is nullified by clinorotation. Columella cells in the root cap sense gravity, which induces the gravitropic response. In this study, we found that removing the root tip induced hydrotropism in cucumber roots under stationary conditions. The application of auxin transport inhibitors to cucumber seedlings under stationary conditions suppressed the hydrotropic response induced by the removal of the root tip. To investigate the expression of genes related to hydrotropism in de-tipped cucumber roots, we conducted transcriptome analysis of gene expression by RNA-Seq using seedlings exhibiting hydrotropic and gravitropic responses. Of the 21 and 45 genes asymmetrically expressed during hydrotropic and gravitropic responses, respectively, five genes were identical. Gene ontology (GO) analysis indicated that the category auxin-inducible genes was significantly enriched among genes that were more highly expressed in the concave side of the root than the convex side during hydrotropic or gravitropic responses. Reverse transcription followed by quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR) analysis revealed that root hydrotropism induced under stationary conditions (by removing the root tip) was accompanied by the asymmetric expression of several auxin-inducible genes. However, intact roots did not exhibit the asymmetric expression patterns of auxin-inducible genes under stationary conditions, even in the presence of a moisture gradient. These results suggest that the root tip inhibits hydrotropism by suppressing the induction of asymmetric auxin distribution. Auxin transport and distribution not mediated by the root tip might play a role in hydrotropism in cucumber roots.

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