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Family history of cancer in children and adolescents with germ cell tumours: a report from the Children's Oncology Group.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND:Studies of family history of cancer in paediatric germ cell tumours (GCTs) are few, and none has had sufficient sample size to specifically evaluate family history of GCT. METHODS:We utilised family history data from a paediatric GCT study to calculate standardised incidence ratios (SIR) for GCT and other cancers using age- and sex-specific incidence rates from the SEER Program. RESULTS:This analysis included 7998 relatives of paediatric GCT probands. We observed a higher number of GCT cases than expected in male and female relatives of probands (SIR=2.38, 95% CI 1.25, 3.51 for males; SIR=14.3, 95% CI 0.29, 28.4 for females). Further, we observed a particularly strong SIR for relatives of probands with intracranial GCT (SIR=8.07, 95% CI 3.51, 12.6). The SIR for relatives of probands with ovarian GCT was also elevated but did not reach statistical significance (SIR 4.35, 95% CI 0-9.27). Other notable associations include elevated SIRs for melanoma in male relatives and reduced SIRs for lymphatic/haematologic malignancies in male and female relatives. CONCLUSIONS:These results support the hypothesis that familial aggregation of GCT occurs in males and females.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC5765220 | BioStudies | 2018-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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