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Auxetic metamaterials from disordered networks.

ABSTRACT: Recent theoretical work suggests that systematic pruning of disordered networks consisting of nodes connected by springs can lead to materials that exhibit a host of unusual mechanical properties. In particular, global properties such as Poisson's ratio or local responses related to deformation can be precisely altered. Tunable mechanical responses would be useful in areas ranging from impact mitigation to robotics and, more generally, for creation of metamaterials with engineered properties. However, experimental attempts to create auxetic materials based on pruning-based theoretical ideas have not been successful. Here we introduce a more realistic model of the networks, which incorporates angle-bending forces and the appropriate experimental boundary conditions. A sequential pruning strategy of select bonds in this model is then devised and implemented that enables engineering of specific mechanical behaviors upon deformation, both in the linear and in the nonlinear regimes. In particular, it is shown that Poisson's ratio can be tuned to arbitrary values. The model and concepts discussed here are validated by preparing physical realizations of the networks designed in this manner, which are produced by laser cutting 2D sheets and are found to behave as predicted. Furthermore, by relying on optimization algorithms, we exploit the networks' susceptibility to tuning to design networks that possess a distribution of stiffer and more compliant bonds and whose auxetic behavior is even greater than that of homogeneous networks. Taken together, the findings reported here serve to establish that pruned networks represent a promising platform for the creation of unique mechanical metamaterials.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC5816187 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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