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Myeloperoxidase mediated HDL oxidation and HDL proteome changes do not contribute to dysfunctional HDL in Chinese subjects with coronary artery disease.

ABSTRACT: High density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels and cholesterol efflux capacity (CEC) are inversely correlated with coronary artery disease (CAD) risk. Myeloperoxidase (MPO) derived oxidants and HDL proteome changes are implicated in HDL dysfunction in subjects with CAD in the United States; however, the effect of MPO on HDL function and HDL proteome in ethnic Chinese population is unknown. We recruited four matched ethnic Chinese groups (20 patients each): subjects with 1) low HDL levels (HDL levels in men <40mg/dL and women <50mg/dL) and non-CAD (identified by coronary angiography or cardiac CT angiography); 2) low HDL and CAD; 3) high HDL (men >50mg/dL; women >60mg/dL) with no CAD; and 4) high HDL with CAD. Serum cytokines, serum MPO levels, serum CEC, MPO-oxidized HDL tyrosine moieties, and HDL proteome were assessed by mass spectrometry individually in the four groups. The cytokines, MPO levels, and HDL proteome profiles were not significantly different between the four groups. As expected, CEC was depressed in the entire CAD group but more specifically in the CAD low-HDL group. HDL of CAD subjects had significantly higher 3-nitrotyrosine than non-CAD subjects, but the MPO-specific 3-chlorotyrosine was unchanged; CEC in the CAD low-HDL group did not correlate with either HDL 3-chlorotyrosine or 3-nitrotyrosine levels. Neither 3-chlorotyrosine, which is MPO-specific, nor 3-nitrotyrosine generated from MPO or other reactive nitrogen species was associated with CEC. MPO mediated oxidative stress and HDL proteome composition changes are not the primary cause HDL dysfunction in Chinese subjects with CAD. These studies highlight ethnic differences in HDL dysfunction between United States and Chinese cohorts raising possibility of unique pathways of HDL dysfunction in this cohort.

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