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'Enterococcus timonensis' sp. nov., 'Actinomyces marseillensis' sp. nov., 'Leptotrichia massiliensis' sp. nov., 'Actinomyces pacaensis' sp. nov., 'Actinomyces oralis' sp. nov., 'Actinomyces culturomici' sp. nov. and 'Gemella massiliensis' sp. nov., new bacterial species isolated from the human respiratory microbiome.

ABSTRACT: We report the main characteristics of 'Enterococcus timonensis' strain Marseille-P2817T (CSUR P2817), 'Leptotrichia massiliensis' sp. nov., strain Marseille-P3007T (CSUR P3007), 'Actinomyces marseillensis' sp. nov., strain Marseille-P2818T (CSUR P2818), 'Actinomyces pacaensis' sp. nov., strain Marseille-P2985T (CSUR P2985), 'Actinomyces oralis' sp. nov., strain Marseille-P3109T (CSUR P3109), 'Actinomyces culturomici' sp. nov., strain Marseille-P3561T (CSUR P3561) and 'Gemella massiliensis' sp. nov., strain Marseille-P3249T (CSUR P3249) which were isolated from human sputum samples.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC5857164 | BioStudies | 2018-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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