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Ancestry-specific and sex-specific risk alleles identified in a genome-wide gene-by-alcohol dependence interaction study of risky sexual behaviors.

ABSTRACT: We previously mapped loci for the genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and genome-wide gene-by-alcohol dependence interaction (GW-GxAD) analyses of risky sexual behaviors (RSB). This study extends those findings by analyzing the ancestry- and sex-specific AD-stratified effects on RSB. We examined the concordance of findings for the AD-stratified GWAS and the GW-GxAD analysis of RSB, with concordance defined as genome-wide significance in one analysis and at least nominal significance in the second analysis. A total of 2,173 African-American (AA) and 1,751 European-American (EA) subjects were investigated. Information regarding RSB (lifetime experiences of unprotected sex and multiple sexual partners) and DSM-IV diagnosis of lifetime AD were derived from the Semi-Structured Assessment for Drug Dependence and Alcoholism (SSADDA). In our ancestry- and sex-specific analyses, we identified four independent genome-wide significant (GWS) loci (p?

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