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Cbp3 and Cbp6 are dispensable for synthesis regulation of cytochrome b in yeast mitochondria.

ABSTRACT: Cytochrome b (Cytb) is the only mitochondrial encoded subunit from the bc1 complex. Cbp3 and Cbp6 are chaperones necessary for translation of the COB mRNA and Cytb hemylation. Here we demonstrate that their role in translation is dispensable in some laboratory strains, whereas their role in Cytb hemylation seems to be universally conserved. BY4742 yeast requires Cbp3 and Cbp6 for efficient COB mRNA translation, whereas the D273-10b strain synthesizes Cytb at wildtype levels in the absence of Cbp3 and Cbp6. Steady-state levels of Cytb are close to wildtype in mutant D273-10b cells, and Cytb forms non-functional, supercomplex-like species with cytochrome c oxidase, in which at least core 1, cytochrome c1, and Rieske iron-sulfur subunits are present. We demonstrated that Cbp3 interacts with the mitochondrial ribosome and with the COB mRNA in both BY4742 and D273-10b strains. The polymorphism(s) causing the differential function of Cbp3, Cbp6, and the assembly feedback regulation of Cytb synthesis is of nuclear origin rather than mitochondrial, and Smt1, a COB mRNA-binding protein, does not seem to be involved in the observed differential phenotype. Our results indicate that the essential role of Cbp3 and Cbp6 is to assist Cytb hemylation and demonstrate that in the absence of heme b, Cytb can form non-functional supercomplexes with cytochrome c oxidase. Our observations support that an additional protein or proteins are involved in Cytb synthesis in some yeast strains.

SUBMITTER: Garcia-Guerrero AE 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC5900770 | BioStudies | 2018-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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