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Biological scoring system for early prediction of acute bowel ischemia after cardiac surgery: the PALM score.

ABSTRACT: Bowel ischemia is a life-threatening emergency defined as an inadequate vascular perfusion leading to bowel inflammation resulting from impaired colonic/small bowel blood supply. Main issue for physicians regarding bowel ischemia diagnosis lies in the absence of informative and specific clinical or biological signs leading to delayed management, resulting in a poorer prognosis, especially after cardiac surgery. The aim of the present series was to propose a simple scoring system based on biological data for the diagnosis of bowel ischemia.In a retrospective monocentric study, patients admitted in cardiac ICU, after cardiovascular surgery, were screened for inclusion. According to a 1:2 ratio (case-control), matching between two groups was based on sex, type of cardiovascular surgery, and the operative period (per month). Patients were divided into two groups: "ischemic group" which corresponds to patients with confirmed bowel ischemia and "non-ischemic group" which corresponds to patients without bowel ischemia. Primary objective was the conception of a scoring system for the diagnosis of bowel ischemia. Secondary objectives were to detail the postoperative morbidity and the diagnostic features for the distinction between acute mesenteric ischemia and ischemic colitis.Forty-eight patients (1.3%) had confirmed bowel ischemia ("ischemic group"). According to the 2:1 matching, 96 patients were included in the "non-ischemic group." Aspartate aminotransferase >?449 UI/L, lactate >?4 mmol/L, procalcitonin >?4.7 ?g/L, and myoglobin >?1882 ?g/L were found to be independently associated with bowel ischemia. Based on their respective odds ratios, points were assigned to each item ranging from 4 to 8. AUROCC [95% confidence interval] of the scoring system to diagnose bowel ischemia was 0.93 [0.91-0.95], p?


PROVIDER: S-EPMC5906418 | BioStudies | 2018-01-01T00:00:00Z

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