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Autologous and not allogeneic adipose-derived stem cells improve acute burn wound healing.

ABSTRACT: Adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) transplant has been reported to be a potential treatment for burn wounds. However, the effects of autogenicity and allogenicity of ADSCs on burn wound healing have not been investigated and the method for using ADSCs still needs to be established. This study compared the healing effects of autologous and allogenic ADSCs and determined an optimal method of using ADSCs to treat acute burn wounds. Experiments were performed in 20 male Wistar rats (weight, 176-250 g; age, 6-7 weeks). Two identical full-thickness burn wounds (radius, 4 mm) were created in each rat. ADSCs harvested from inguinal area and characterized by their high multipotency were injected into burn wounds in the original donor rats (autologous ADSCs group) or in other rats (allogenic ADSCs group). The injection site was either the wound center or the four corners 0.5 cm from the wound edge. The reduction of burn surface areas in the two experimental groups and in control group were evaluated with Image J software for 15 days post-wounding to determine the wound healing rates. Wound healing was significantly faster in the autologous ADSCs group compared to both the allogenic ADSCs group (p<0.05) and control group (p<0.05). Wound healing in the allogenic ADSC group did not significantly differ from that in control group. Notably, ADSC injections 0.5cm from the wound edge showed significantly improved healing compared to ADSCs injections in the wound center (p<0.05). This study demonstrated the therapeutic efficacy of ADSCs in treating acute burn wounds in rats. However, only autologous ADSCs improved healing in acute burn wounds; allogenic ADSCs did not. This study further determined a superior location of using ADSCs injections to treat burn wounds including the injection site. Future studies will replicate the experiment in a larger and long-term scale burn wounds in higher mammalian models to facilitate ADSCs therapy in burn wound clinical practice.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC5963767 | BioStudies | 2018-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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