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Study of the association of 17 lipid-related gene polymorphisms with coronary heart disease.

ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE:Blood lipids are well-known risk factors for coronary heart disease (CHD). The aim of this study was to explore the association between 17 lipid-related gene polymorphisms and CHD. METHODS:The current study examined with 784 CHD cases and 739 non-CHD controls. Genotyping was performed on the MassARRAY iPLEX® assay platform. RESULTS:Our analyses revealed a significant association of APOE rs7259620 with CHD (genotype: ?2=6.353, df=2, p=0.042; allele: ?2=5.05, df=1, p=0.025; recessive model: ?2=5.57, df=1, p=0.018). A further gender-based subgroup analysis revealed significant associations of APOE rs7259620 and PPAP2B rs72664392 with CHD in males (genotype: ?2=8.379, df=2, p=0.015; allele: ?2=5.190, df=1, p=0.023; recessive model: ?2=19.3, df=1, p<0.0001) and females (genotype: ?2=9.878, df=2, p=0.007), respectively. Subsequent breakdown analysis by age showed that CETP rs4783961, MLXIPL rs35493868, and PON2 rs12704796 were significantly associated with CHD among individuals younger than 55 years of age (CETP rs4783961: ?2=8.966, df=1, p=0.011 by genotype; MLXIPL rs35493868: ?2=4.87, df=1, p=0.027 by allele; ?2=4.88, df=1, p=0.027 by dominant model; PON2 rs12704796: ?2=6.511, df=2, p=0.039 by genotype; ?2=6.210, df=1, p=0.013 by allele; ?2=5.03, df=1, p=0.025 by dominant model). Significant allelic association was observed between LEPR rs656451 and CHD among individuals older than 65 years of age (?2=4.410, df=1, p=0.036). CONCLUSION:Our study revealed significant associations of APOE, PPAP2B, CETP, MLXIPL, PON2, and LEPR gene polymorphisms with CHD among the Han Chinese.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC5998860 | BioStudies | 2018-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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