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Characterization of a 16SrII subgroup D phytoplasma strain associated with Calendula officinalis phyllody in Iran.

ABSTRACT: Calendula officinalis plants with phyllody symptoms (CaoP) were observed in Yazd and Ashkezar (Yazd province, Iran) during 2013-2016. Twenty-one symptomatic and four asymptomatic plants were transferred individually to the greenhouse and potted for the biological and molecular characterization of associated phytoplasma. The dodder transmission from symptomatic potted marigold plants, induced virescence, phyllody and witches' broom symptoms in periwinkle. Total DNAs extracted from symptomatic and symptomless plants and dodder-inoculated periwinkles were subjected to nested PCR assay using primer pairs amplifying phytoplasma ribosomal DNA. Expected PCR amplification was detected in all CaoP plant and dodder-inoculated periwinkle samples. RFLP analysis of the amplicons obtained in direct PCR with P1/P7 primers using RsaI, AluI, MseI, HinfI and HaeIII restriction enzymes showed profiles identical to each other and related to phytoplasmas in all the 21 positive samples. R16mF2/R16mR2 amplicons from six CaoP plant samples were sequenced where consensus sequences had 100% of identity among each other. R16F2n/R16R2-trimmed sequences (1248 bp) of representative samples from Yazd and Ashkezar were deposited in GenBank under accession numbers KU297202 and MH065715, respectively. BLAST search and phylogenetic analysis showed that the CaoP phytoplasma had 99% homology and clusters with phytoplasmas in group 16SrII. Computer-simulated analysis using iPhyClassifier suggests that the CaoP RFLP 16S rRNA gene pattern was identical to 16SrII-D phytoplasmas subgroup. Phytoplasma strains (16SrII-D) were reported as alfalfa witches' broom disease agent previously in the same geographic areas, and it is possible that alfalfa plays a role in the epidemiology of CaoP disease or vice-versa.

SUBMITTER: Esmailzadeh Hosseini SA 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6019654 | BioStudies | 2018-01-01


REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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