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Exercise training as S-Klotho protein stimulator in sedentary healthy adults: Rationale, design, and methodology.



The secreted form of the ?-Klotho gene (S-Klotho), which is considered a powerful biomarker of longevity, makes it an attractive target as an anti-ageing therapy against functional decline, sarcopenic obesity, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, and neurodegenerative disorders. The S-Klotho plasma levels could be related to physical exercise inasmuch physical exercise is involved in physiological pathways that regulate the S-Klotho plasma levels. FIT-AGEING will determine the effect of different training modalities on the S-Klotho plasma levels (primary outcome) in sedentary healthy adults. FIT-AGEING will also investigate the physiological consequences of activating the klotho gene (secondary outcomes).


FIT-AGEING will recruit 80 sedentary, healthy adults (50% women) aged 45-65 years old. Eligible participants will be randomly assigned to a non-exercise group, i.e. the control group, (n?=?20), a physical activity recommendation from World Health Organization group (n?=?20), a high intensity interval training group (n?=?20), and a whole-body electromyostimulation group (n?=?20). The laboratory measurements will be taken at the baseline and 12 weeks later including the S-Klotho plasma levels, physical fitness (cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength), body composition, basal metabolic rate, heart rate variability, maximal fat oxidation, health blood biomarkers, free-living physical activity, sleep habits, reaction time, cognitive variables, and health-related questionnaires. We will also obtain dietary habits data and cardiovascular disease risk factors.

SUBMITTER: Amaro-Gahete FJ 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6022251 | BioStudies | 2018-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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