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A heterozygous variant in the SLC22A12 gene in a Sri Lanka family associated with mild renal hypouricemia.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND:Renal hypouricemia is a rare heterogeneous inherited disorder characterized by impaired tubular uric acid transport, reabsorption insufficiency and /or acceleration of secretion. The affected individuals are predisposed to nephrolithiasis and recurrent episodes of exercise-induced acute kidney injury. Type 1 is caused by dysfunctional variants in the SLC22A12 gene (URAT1), while type 2 is caused by defects in the SLC2A9 gene (GLUT9). To date, more than 150 patients with the loss-of-function mutations for the SLC22A12 gene have been found (compound heterozygotes and/or homozygotes), most of whom are Japanese and Koreans. CASE PRESENTATION:Herein, we report a nine year old Sri Lankan boy with renal hypouricemia (serum uric acid 97 ?mol/L, fractional excretion of uric acid 33%).The sequencing analysis of SLC22A12 revealed a potentially deleterious missense variant c.1400C?>?T (p.T467 M, rs200104135) in heterozygous state. This variant has been previously identified in homozygous and/or compound heterozygous state with other causative SLC22A12 variant c.1245_1253del (p.L415_G417del) in Roma population. CONCLUSIONS:This is the first identification of a family with mild renal hypouricemia1 associated to the p.T467 M variant. Detailed investigations of urate blood and urine concentrations in patients with unexplained hypouricemia are needed and renal hypouricemia should also be considered in patients other than those from Japan and/or Korea. Our finding confirms an uneven geographical and ethnic distribution of Romany prevalent SLC22A12 variant that need to be considered in Asian patients (population data Genome Aggregation Database: allele frequency in South Asia 0.007055, in East Asia 0.001330).

SUBMITTER: Vidanapathirana DM 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6025733 | BioStudies | 2018-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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