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Enhanced Defluoridation Using Novel Millisphere Nanocomposite of La-Doped Li-Al Layered Double Hydroxides Supported by Polymeric Anion Exchanger.

ABSTRACT: A novel nanocomposite bead LaLiAl-LDH@201 was fabricated by doping a small amount of La into nanocrystalline Li/Al layered double hydroxides (LDHs) pre-confined inside polystyrene anion exchanger D201 (LiAl-LDH@201). A systematic characterisation of the resultant LaLiAl-LDH@201 (XRD, SEM-EDS, TEM-EDS, and XPS) evidenced the successful incorporation of La into the Li/Al LDHs, with their interlayer distance expanded to allow more exchangeable sites for fluoride uptake. The resultant LaLiAl-LDH@201 showed high and stable defluoridation performance over a wide range of pH from 4 to 9. The superior uptake capacity and affinity for fluoride of LaLiAl-LDH@201 over LiAl-LDH@201 were driven by both the increased anion exchange capacity of the embedded LDHs and the specific La-F interaction evidenced via XPS and TEM-EDS characterisation. Fixed-bed column test confirmed that the working capacity of LaLiAl-LDH@201 for defluoridation of authentic fluoride-rich groundwater was nearly twice that of LiAl-LDH@201. The fluoride-loaded LaLiAl-LDH@201 could be conveniently regenerated in situ by using NaOH?+?NaCl binary solution, achieving desorption efficiency above 98%. Moreover, negligible capacity loss, La leaching, or structure alteration was observed after five adsorption-regeneration cycles, indicating the high stability of LaLiAl-LDH@201. Therefore, the novel millisphere nanocomposite LaLiAl-LDH@201 was promising for efficient defluoridation from water and wastewater.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6079045 | BioStudies | 2018-01-01T00:00:00Z

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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