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Mid-and long-term efficacy of endovascular-based procedures for Cockett syndrome.

ABSTRACT: To investigate the mid- and long-term results of endovascular-based procedures for Cockett syndrome. The clinical data of 412 patients with Cockett syndrome treated between January 2003 and September 2017 were retrospectively analyzed. In these patients, 231 cases were acute left iliac femoral vein thrombosis (group A), and 181 cases were chronic venous insufficiency (group B), and different endovascular procedures and/or hybrid procedures were performed. In group A, the technique success rate was 100% (231/231); the left iliac vein in 5 patients showed no stenosis or occlusion, and the incidence of pathological changes in the left iliac vein was 97.8% (226/231); a total of 182 stents were implanted. In group B, the technique success rate was 99.4% (180/181); the average pressure difference between the proximal and distal portion of the pathological left iliac veins decreased from preoperative (18?±?4.45) cmH2O to postoperative (4?±?3.02) cmH2O (P?

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6092402 | BioStudies |

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