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Modification of a three-compartment muscle fatigue model to predict peak torque decline during intermittent tasks.

ABSTRACT: This study aimed to test whether adding a rest recovery parameter, r, to the analytical three-compartment controller (3CC) fatigue model (Xia and Frey Law, 2008) will improve fatigue estimates during intermittent contractions. The 3CC muscle fatigue model uses differential equations to predict the flow of muscle between three muscle states: Resting (MR), Active (MA), and Fatigued (MF). This model uses a feedback controller to match the active state to target loads and two joint-specific parameters: F, fatigue rate controlling flow from active to fatigued compartments) and R, the recovery rate controlling flow from the fatigued to the resting compartments. This model does well to predict intensity-endurance time curves for sustained isometric tasks. However, previous studies find when rest intervals are present that the model over predicts fatigue. Intermittent rest periods would allow for the occurrence of subsequent reactive vasodilation and post-contraction hyperemia. We hypothesize a modified 3CC-r fatigue model will improve predictions of force decay during intermittent contractions with the addition of a rest recovery parameter, r, to augment recovery during rest intervals, representing muscle re-perfusion. A meta-analysis compiling intermittent fatigue data from 63 publications reporting decline in peak torque (% torque decline) were used for comparison. The original model over-predicted fatigue development from 19 to 29% torque decline; the addition of a rest multiplier significantly improved fatigue estimates to 6-10% torque decline. We conclude the addition of a rest multiplier to the three-compartment controller fatigue model provides a physiologically consistent modification for tasks involving rest intervals, resulting in improved estimates of muscle fatigue.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6092960 | BioStudies |

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