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Influence of Ultrapulsed CO2 Laser, before Application of Different Types of Fluoride, on the Increase of Microhardness of Enamel In Vitro.



To evaluate the influence of ultrapulsed CO2 laser in combination with commercial fluoride products in order to verify the increase of microhardness of artificial enamel caries lesions.

Materials and methods

Bovine enamel specimens were prepared, and artificial enamel caries lesions were created. Teeth were randomly divided into 5 groups (n=10): treated with laser (L), laser + neutral fluoride gel 2% (LNF), laser + acidulated phosphate fluoride gel 1.23% (LAFG), laser + acidulated fluoride mousse 1.23% (LAFM), and laser + fluoride varnish 5% (LFV). Microhardness was evaluated at baseline, after caries induction, after CO2 laser irradiation + fluoride treatment in the 1st week, and after fluoride treatment at 3rd and 5th week.


There was a decrease in microhardness in all groups after artificial enamel caries lesion formation; no increase in microhardness was found in the first and third weeks in all groups (p > 0.05). In the fifth week, an increase in microhardness occurred in all groups (p < 0.05).


Although CO2 laser irradiation in combination with different commercial fluoride products was capable of increasing microhardness on enamel caries lesions in bovine tooth enamel it is necessary to confirm these results by testing the isolated effect of fluoride on enamel surface microhardness. Also, although microhardness was higher in the fluoride varnish group than in the other groups in the fifth week it is not possible to discard the best effect of fluoride varnish treatment on absence of artifacts that may occur with the other fluoride treatments.

Clinical relevance

In order to prove that CO2 laser may contribute to an increase in microhardness when applied to enamel lesions in combination with different commercial fluoride products it is necessary to conduct additional studies. Also, higher microhardness of fluoride varnish group should be carefully considered.

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