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Hemodiafiltration to Address Unmet Medical Needs ESKD Patients.

ABSTRACT: Hemodiafiltration combines diffusive and convective solute removal in a single therapy by ultrafiltering 20% or more of the blood volume processed using a high-flux hemodialyzer and maintaining fluid balance by infusing sterile nonpyrogenic replacement fluid directly into the patient's blood. In online hemodiafiltration, the large volumes of replacement fluid required are obtained by online filtration of standard dialysate through a series of bacteria- and endotoxin-retaining filters. Currently available systems for online hemodiafiltration are on the basis of conventional dialysis machines with added features to safely prepare and infuse replacement fluid and closely control fluid balance. Hemodiafiltration provides greater removal of higher molecular weight uremic retention solutes than conventional high-flux hemodialysis, and recently completed randomized, controlled clinical trials suggest better patient survival with online hemodiafiltration compared with standard high-flux hemodialysis when a high convection volume is delivered. Hemodiafiltration is also associated with improvements in other clinical outcomes, such as a reduction in intradialytic hypotension, and it is now used routinely to treat >100,000 patients, mainly in Europe and Japan.

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