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Impact of contrast agent injection duration on dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI quantification in prostate cancer.

ABSTRACT: The volume transfer constant Ktrans , which describes the leakage of contrast agent (CA) from vasculature into tissue, is the most commonly reported quantitative parameter for dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE-) MRI. However, the variation in reported Ktrans values between studies from different institutes is large. One of the primary sources of uncertainty is quantification of the arterial input function (AIF). The aim of this study is to determine the influence of the CA injection duration on the AIF and tracer kinetic analysis (TKA) parameters (i.e. Ktrans , kep and ve ). Thirty-one patients with prostate cancer received two DCE-MRI examinations with an injection duration of 5 s in the first examination and a prolonged injection duration in the second examination, varying between 7.5 s and 30 s. The DCE examination was carried out on a 3.0 T MRI scanner using a transversal T1 -weighted 3D spoiled gradient echo sequence (300 s duration, dynamic scan time of 2.5 s). Data of 29 of the 31 were further analysed. AIFs were determined from the phase signal in the left and right femoral arteries. Ktrans , kep and ve were estimated with the standard Tofts model for regions of healthy peripheral zone and tumour tissue. We observed a significantly smaller peak height and increased width in the AIF for injection durations of 15 s and longer. However, we did not find significant differences in Ktrans , kep or ve for the studied injection durations. The study demonstrates that the TKA parameters Ktrans , kep and ve , measured in the prostate, do not show a significant change as a function of injection duration.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6175355 | BioStudies |

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