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Glucocorticoids cause mandibular bone fragility and suppress osteocyte perilacunar-canalicular remodeling.

ABSTRACT: Osteocytes support dynamic, cell-intrinsic resorption and deposition of bone matrix through a process called perilacunar/canalicular remodeling (PLR). In long bones, PLR depends on MMP13 and is tightly regulated by PTH, sclerostin, TGF?, and glucocorticoids. However, PLR is regulated differently in the cochlea, suggesting a mechanism that is anatomically distinct. Unlike long bones, the mandible derives from neural crest and exhibits unique susceptibility to medication and radiation induced osteonecrosis. Therefore, we sought to determine if PLR in the mandible is suppressed by glucocorticoids, as it is in long bone. Hemimandibles were collected from mice subcutaneously implanted with prednisolone or vehicle containing pellets for 7, 21, or 55?days (n?=?8/group) for radiographic and histological analyses. Within 21?days, micro-computed tomography revealed a glucocorticoid-dependent reduction in bone volume/total volume and trabecular thickness and a significant decrease in bone mineral density after 55?days. Within 7?days, glucocorticoids strongly and persistently repressed osteocytic expression of the key PLR enzyme MMP13 in both trabecular and cortical bone of the mandible. Cathepsin K expression was significantly reduced only after 55?days of glucocorticoid treatment, at which point histological analysis revealed a glucocorticoid-dependent reduction in the lacunocanalicular surface area. In addition to reducing bone mass and suppressing PLR, glucocorticoids also reduced the stiffness of mandibular bone in flexural tests. Thus, osteocyte PLR in the neural crest-derived mandible is susceptible to glucocorticoids, just as it is in the mesodermally-derived femur, highlighting the need to further study PLR as a target of drugs, and radiation in mandibular osteonecrosis.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6176786 | BioStudies | 2018-01-01T00:00:00Z

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