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The role of three interleukin 10 gene polymorphisms (-?1082 A?>?G, -?819 C?>?T, -?592 A?>?C) in the risk of chronic and aggressive periodontitis: a meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND:Periodontitis is a major oral health problem and it is considered as one of the reasons for tooth loss in developing and developed nations. The objective of the current review was to investigate the association between IL10 polymorphisms -?1082 A?>?G (rs1800896), -819C?>?T (rs1800871), -?592 A?>?C (rs1800872) and the risk of either chronic periodontitis or aggressive periodontitis. METHODS:This is a meta- analysis study, following the preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta- analyses (PRISMA). Relevant studies were searched in the health related electronic databases. Methodological quality of the included studies were assessed using the Newcastle-Ottawa Scale. For individual studies, odds ratio (OR) and its 95%confidence interval (CI) were calculated to assess the strength of association between IL10 polymorphisms (-?1082 A?>?G, -819C?>?T, -?592 A?>?C) and the risk of periodontitis. For pooling of the estimates across studies included, the summary OR and its 95% CIs were calculated with random-effects model. The pooled estimates were done under four genetic models such as the allelic contrast model, the recessive model, the dominant model and the additive model. Trial sequential analysis (TSA) was done for estimation of the required information size for this meta-analysis study. RESULTS:Sixteen studies were identified for this review. The included studies were assessed to be of moderate to good methodological quality. A significant association between polymorphism of IL10-1082 A?>?G polymorphism and the risk of chronic periodontitis in the non-Asian populations was observed only in the recessive model (OR,1.42; 95% CI:1.11, 1.8,I2: 43%). The significant associations between -?592 A?>?C polymorphism and the risk of aggressive periodontitis in the non-Asian populations were observed in particular genetic models such as allele contrast (OR, 4.34; 95%CI:1.87,10.07,I2: 65%) and recessive models (OR, 2.1; 95% CI:1.16, 3.82,I2: 0%). The TSA plot revealed that the required information size for evidence of effect was sufficient to draw a conclusion. CONCLUSIONS:This meta-analysis suggested that the IL10-1082 A?>?G polymorphism was associated with chronic periodontitis CP risk in non-Asians. Thus, in order to further establish the associations between IL10 (-?819 C?>?T, -?592 A?>?C) in Asian populations, future studies should include larger sample sizes with multi-ethnic groups.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6198364 | BioStudies | 2018-01-01

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