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Ano-rectal wall dose-surface maps localize the dosimetric benefit of hydrogel rectum spacers in prostate cancer radiotherapy.

ABSTRACT: Background and purpose:To evaluate spatial differences in dose distributions of the ano-rectal wall (ARW) using dose-surface maps (DSMs) between prostate cancer patients receiving intensity-modulated radiation therapy with and without implantable rectum spacer (IMRT+IRS; IMRT-IRS, respectively), and to correlate this with late gastro-intestinal (GI) toxicities using validated spatial and non-spatial normal-tissue complication probability (NTCP) models. Materials and methods:For 26 patients DSMs of the ARW were generated. From the DSMs various shape-based dose measures were calculated at different dose levels: lateral extent, longitudinal extent, and eccentricity. The contiguity of the ARW dose distribution was assessed by the contiguous-DSH (cDSH). Predicted complication rates between IMRT+IRS and IMRT-IRS plans were assessed using a spatial NTCP model and compared against a non-spatial NTCP model. Results:Dose surface maps are generated for prostate radiotherapy using an IRS. Lateral extent, longitudinal extent and cDSH were significantly lower in IMRT+IRS than for IMRT-IRS at high-dose levels. Largest significant differences were observed for cDSH at dose levels >50?Gy, followed by lateral extent at doses >57?Gy, and longitudinal extent in anterior and superior-inferior directions. Significant decreases (p?=?0.01) in median rectal and anal NTCPs (respectively, Gr 2 late rectal bleeding and subjective sphincter control) were predicted when using an IRS. Conclusions:Local-dose effects are predicted to be significantly reduced by an IRS. The spatial NTCP model predicts a significant decrease in Gr 2 late rectal bleeding and subjective sphincter control. Dose constraints can be improved for current clinical treatment planning.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6234617 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01T00:00:00Z

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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