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Rapid dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI for small animals at 7T using 3D ultra-short echo time and golden-angle radial sparse parallel MRI.

ABSTRACT: PURPOSE:To develop a rapid dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI method with high spatial and temporal resolution for small-animal imaging at 7 Tesla. METHODS:An ultra-short echo time (UTE) pulse sequence using a 3D golden-angle radial sampling was implemented to achieve isotropic spatial resolution with flexible temporal resolution. Continuously acquired radial spokes were grouped into subsets for image reconstruction using a multicoil compressed sensing approach (Golden-angle RAdial Sparse Parallel; GRASP). The proposed 3D-UTE-GRASP method with high temporal and spatial resolutions was tested using 7 mice with GL261 intracranial glioma models. RESULTS:Iterative reconstruction with different temporal resolutions and regularization factors ? showed that, in all cases, the cost function decreased to less than 2.5% of its starting value within 20 iterations. The difference between the time-intensity curves of 3D-UTE-GRASP and nonuniform fast Fourier transform (NUFFT) images was minimal when ? was 1% of the maximum signal intensity of the initial NUFFT images. The 3D isotropic images were used to generate pharmacokinetic parameter maps to show the detailed images of the tumor characteristics in 3D and also to show longitudinal changes during tumor growth. CONCLUSION:This feasibility study demonstrated that the proposed 3D-UTE-GRASP method can be used for effective measurement of the 3D spatial heterogeneity of tumor pharmacokinetic parameters.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6258350 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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