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Nanoparticle-enabled phase control for arc welding of unweldable aluminum alloy 7075.

ABSTRACT: Lightweight materials are of paramount importance to reduce energy consumption and emissions in today's society. For materials to qualify for widespread use in lightweight structural assembly, they must be weldable or joinable, which has been a long-standing issue for high strength aluminum alloys, such as 7075 (AA7075) due to their hot crack susceptibility during fusion welding. Here, we show that AA7075 can be safely arc welded without hot cracks by introducing nanoparticle-enabled phase control during welding. Joints welded with an AA7075 filler rod containing TiC nanoparticles not only exhibit fine globular grains and a modified secondary phase, both which intrinsically eliminate the materials hot crack susceptibility, but moreover show exceptional tensile strength in both as-welded and post-weld heat-treated conditions. This rather simple twist to the filler material of a fusion weld could be generally applied to a wide range of hot crack susceptible materials.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6327098 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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