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Hands-on Pulmonary Curriculum: Interactive Learning Sessions on Oxygen Delivery, Spirometry, Positive Airway Pressure Devices, Tracheostomy, and Thoracostomy Tubes.



Pulmonary equipment has become ubiquitous in clinical care. Basic device troubleshooting and mechanical manipulation skills are crucial to the practicing physician yet are frequently neglected in standard pulmonary curricula.


We developed a hands-on pulmonary curriculum for medical residents and students, focusing on oxygen delivery, spirometry, positive airway pressure devices, thoracostomy, and tracheostomy knowledge. The curriculum, consisting of five 1-hour sessions, offers hands-on experience with basic pulmonary equipment relevant to the ICU and/or pulmonary clinic. Each session is led by a pulmonologist or critical care facilitator and designed for a learning audience of 10-15 internal medicine trainees and medical students. More than 11 sessions have been conducted since curriculum implementation.


Voluntary, immediate, pre- and postsession surveys assessed objective subject knowledge, perceived subject understanding, and perceived effectiveness of this hands-on format versus a conventional lecture style. A total of 52 learners returned surveys. Aggregate responses demonstrated that these sessions were typically the first formal training learners had received in these subject areas. Subject knowledge and perceived level of subject understanding both improved, and respondents reported the hands-on style of teaching was more effective than conventional lecture format.


Focused on practical knowledge, this pulmonary hands-on curriculum addresses a knowledge gap for medical trainees, has been enthusiastically received by trainees, and provides a useful resource for faculty wishing to teach about these devices.

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