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Sperm mitochondrial DNA measures and semen parameters among men undergoing fertility treatment.

ABSTRACT: RESEARCH QUESTION:To examine associations between sperm mitochondrial DNA copy number (mtDNAcn), sperm mitochondrial DNA deletions (mtDNAdel), semen parameters and clinical infertility in an IVF setting. DESIGN:A total of 125 sperm samples were collected from men undergoing assisted reproductive procedures in an IVF clinic in Western Massachusetts, USA. Sperm mtDNAcn and mtDNAdel were measured by probe-based quantitative polymerase chain reaction. Semen parameters, clinical diagnoses of infertility, and infertility based on consecutive semen parameters, were fitted with mtDNAcn and mtDNAdel in linear models. The utility of sperm mtDNAcn and mtDNAdel to predict infertility was assessed by receiver operating characteristic curves. RESULTS:Adjusting for relevant covariates, both sperm mtDNAcn and mtDNAdel were associated with lower sperm concentration, count, motility and morphology (P ? 0.03). Sperm mtDNAcn and mtDNAdel were also associated with increased risks of clinical infertility based on current and consecutive semen samples. Sperm mtDNAcn had high predictive accuracy for consecutive diagnoses of clinical infertility (C-statistic: 0.91), whereas sperm mtDNAdel had moderate predictive accuracy (C-statistic: 0.75). CONCLUSIONS:Sperm mtDNAcn is a measure of consecutive abnormal semen parameters and has promise as a diagnostic test.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6339832 | BioStudies |

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