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The Rice Alpha-Amylase, Conserved Regulator of Seed Maturation and Germination.

ABSTRACT: Alpha-amylase, the major form of amylase with secondary carbohydrate binding sites, is a crucial enzyme throughout the growth period and life cycle of angiosperm. In rice, alpha-amylase isozymes are critical for the formation of the storage starch granule during seed maturation and motivate the stored starch to nourish the developing seedling during seed germination which will directly affect the plant growth and field yield. Alpha-amylase has not yet been studied intensely to understand its classification, structure, expression trait, and expression regulation in rice and other crops. Among the 10-rice alpha-amylases, most were exclusively expressed in the developing seed embryo and induced in the seed germination process. During rice seed germination, the expression of alpha-amylase genes is known to be regulated negatively by sugar in embryos, however positively by gibberellin (GA) in endosperm through competitively binding to the specific promoter domain; besides, it is also controlled by a series of other abiotic or biotic factors, such as salinity. In this review, we overviewed the research progress of alpha-amylase with focus on seed germination and reflected on how in-depth work might elucidate its regulation and facilitate crop breeding as an efficient biomarker.

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